- We are one of the biggest in the country: The production capacity of the factory is 3000 m2 of crated and ready to ship natural stones daily, making SS Dogaltas the biggest in the marble sector of Denizli.
- We are the champions: we were awarded the Champions of Natural Stone Exporters of DENIB (Denizli Exporters Association) two years in a row, in 2015 and 2016. We are the one to beat.
- We never compromise on quality: Because we believe in honesty, integrity and reliability, we don’t use run of the mill stones. We obtain quality stones from our own quarry and process them in our own factory. We are proud to provide exceptional merchandise to our loyal clients all over the world.
- We are consistent: Thanks to our continued source of natural stone from the deep stratum where our quarry is located, the quality, look and colour of our stones remain stable and stay the same colour even after months or years.
- We are punctual: Processing and shipping our stone is a piece of cake thanks to our 12 truck fleet. Our factory is strategically located in Denizli, which is only a couple of hours away from world class shipping harbours. We strictly obey production times and our customers delivery times.
- We are fast: we cater to high demands and work hard. Our quality and rates are unbeaten as we run our quarry, stones, factory and deliver with our own fleet 24/7 and 12 months nonstop. We can even deliver within a week.


Our vast range of Classic and Dark quarries provides us with 7000 cubic meters of blocks monthly allowing to fulfill the needs and demands of our customers.

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